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Married horseshoe crabs produce less poo

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You wouldn’t think that the sex life of the horseshoe crab would be that complicated, but you’d be wrong. Like every red blooded guy out there, horseshoe crabs have to think long and hard about the best way to attract a mate (even though horseshoe crab blood is actually blue). While human males have many options to choose, from say writing a romantic poem, or buying a lovely bunch of flowers for their sweetheart, crabs are generally limited to two different options. In animal behaviour circles, these choices are called alternative reprodcutive tactics (ARTs). For horseshoe crab males, the first option is to attract a female out in the sea, attach together and make the long journey to the spawning beaches, where they can get freaky. This option is dependant on the male being attractive enough in the eyes of the female to be worth attaching to. The second option decidely third-wheel-ish. Instead of putting the effort into attracting a …

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