Schrodinger’s catch up #3

Here is the third of our weekly roundups of all the interesting news stories we’ve found during the past seven days. Feel free to add anything you’ve discovered yourself in the comments section below.

Aspara-guess which plant can help prevent hangovers?

Source: Discovery

Giant marine reptile meets teenager in school vegetable patch

Source: Discovery

Space oddity: first original song recorded in space


Slugs are the real winners of 2012, Team GB

Source: BBC

You’ve got some nerve: new type of nerve cell in human brain discovered

Source: Science Daily

Extremely stinky plant blooms in Brazil


Piranh-Arnold  Schwarzenegger: piranha has strongest relative fish bite ever

Source: Science Daily

‘Super-material’ gets thumbs up from government

Source: Guardian

Kinder school children are more popular than meanies


Scientists finally get inside the head of a Dinosaur

Source: Science Daily

Fish mad-wrasse recipe: scientists develop new fish food for wrasse

Source: Fishnewseu

‘Bat Pack’ uncover health secrets in bat genome

Source: Science Daily

Some bacteria have a hard-wired self destruct mechanism


Study concludes most students indulge in unhealthy behaviour … is this really news?

Source: Science Daily

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