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Welcome to Unpopular Science’s first quiz. Each week we will put up a new quiz on a different area of science. After 5 weeks, whoever has the highest cumulative score will win a copy of Tiger Wars by Steve Backshall. *

You can still take part in the competition. Make sure to do every week’s quiz though, for the best best chance of winning. Quiz 2 can be taken here.

This week, to start with, there’s no real theme. 10 questions with most areas of science covered very briefly. They start easy, and get progressively more tricky. Some answers you might know straight away, some might take some googling and some might involve searching through our archives to solve.

Science Quiz #1

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* In the event of a tie, names will be drawn at random and the Editor’s decision is always final. One entry per person. Prize will be announced soon. Also, good luck!


Charlie is a science writer from London. He tweets @UnpopSci.

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