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Bad Boys…

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When we think of science we like to imagine dedicated men and women laboring intensely for one grand and noble aim; the pursuit of knowledge. But unfortunately, the scientific spirit has not always been quite so pure. History shows that there have been many evil empiricists who were willing to abandon all ethical considerations in pursuit of their own twisted aims. So, just who are science’s top 5 bad boys? Let’s take a look… 5) Scientist: Sidney Gottlieb, Experiment: MKULTRA The fact that Gottlieb’s unofficial moniker was ‘Dr Feelgood’ may give you some indiciation about his particular field of scientific misadventure. An American military psychiatrist with a PhD in chemistry, Gottlieb worked with the CIA during the Cold War. Displaying an extraordinary single mindedness, he tended to prefer to solve all problems by simply poisoning the offending party. He was the mastermind behind the plot to place thallium in the soles of Fidel Castro’s shoes. A potent depilatory, the thallium was supposed …

Schrodinger’s catch up #3

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Here is the third of our weekly roundups of all the interesting news stories we’ve found during the past seven days. Feel free to add anything you’ve discovered yourself in the comments section below. Aspara-guess which plant can help prevent hangovers? Source: Discovery Giant marine reptile meets teenager in school vegetable patch Source: Discovery Space oddity: first original song recorded in space Source: Slugs are the real winners of 2012, Team GB Source: BBC You’ve got some nerve: new type of nerve cell in human brain discovered Source: Science Daily Extremely stinky plant blooms in Brazil Source: Piranh-Arnold  Schwarzenegger: piranha has strongest relative fish bite ever Source: Science Daily ‘Super-material’ gets thumbs up from government Source: Guardian Kinder school children are more popular than meanies Source: Scientists finally get inside the head of a Dinosaur Source: Science Daily Fish mad-wrasse recipe: scientists develop new fish food for wrasse Source: Fishnewseu ‘Bat Pack’ uncover health secrets in bat genome Source: Science …

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