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On Hiatus

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It’s true, after a cracking run, Unpopular Science is indeed going on hiatus for a period. A huge thanks to all of our contributors, readers and to anyone who has helped out with promo and spreading the word. But despair not! The site’s twitter is still running, join in the conversation at @Unpopsci Thank you for reading, The Unpopular Science team.

A defence of the RI

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In such times of economic instability and government cutbacks, the sad news of institutions having to close due to funding problems is becoming a more harsh reality.  Along with many other science enthusiasts and professionals alike, I was dismayed recently to hear of the possibility that the Royal Institution (RI), the place where “science lives”, may be forced to close its doors for good. Subsequently, I was a little taken aback by an editorial response to the news – from Nature, no less. It’s certainly a thought-provoking read. The author of this editorial does make a good point: science, and how we communicate about it, is evolving. With new technologies and widespread internet access providing more exciting opportunities to educate and inform than ever before, arguing that fact is futile. Additionally, with many global issues that we face, including over-population, climate change and pollution, effective science communication has arguably never been more important. However, I firmly believe that increasingly widespread …

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